Artwork Jewellery

Artwork Jewellery

Artwork Jewellery

Just email a copy of your drawing, handwriting or artwork (any size is fine) and we will manipulate this with editing software to produce the best quality copy, and correct size, for your chosen design. Our email address is Or you can mail us your original drawing and we will return this to you with your finished piece of jewellery.


From your original artwork we then produce a stamp that we use to imprint into Precious Metal Clay to create your jewellery, turning your design into 99.9% Pure Silver. For best results drawings should ideally be a fairly simple outline and handwriting should be in a dark coloured pen or pencil. Black felt tip pen, pencil or crayon are great for this type of artwork, but other dark colours work well too.  If you are unsure of whether your artwork can be transformed and would like to email a copy of this for to us to review, we are happy to make a free assessment of whether we can turn this into a special piece of jewellery for you. 



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Mini Artwork- a drawing, doodle or handwriting transformed into a pure silver charm or necklace. Imagine your child's precious drawing set in Pure Silver, a miniature masterpiece to treasure forever.


Mini Artwork Pure Silver Cufflinks - your child's drawing, doodle or handwriting made into a unique piece of jewellery.


Large Sterling silver lobster clasp keyring with a personalised keyfob of your choice, created in pure silver.