Pure Silver charms and small pendants. Choose them with a chain, or even without to hang from your favourite chain or bracelet. If you want to add a name to your charm, this can be ordered when we send out your impression taking kit.


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Fingerprint Charm

Capture a loved one's fingeprint in pure, solid silver with a fingerprint charm. A moment in time stored forever.


Hand or Footprint Charm

A Pure Silver charm with miniature handprints or footprints, or even both!


Mini Artwork Charm

Mini Artwork- a drawing, doodle or handwriting transformed into a pure silver charm or necklace. Imagine your child's precious drawing set in Pure Silver, a miniature masterpiece to treasure forever.


Paw Print Charm

Your treasured furry friend's paw print miniaturised and set in Pure Silver to keep forever.


Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Charm

Beautiful Freshwater Pearl bracelet with a pure silver charm, makes a stunning accessory.



Leather Charm Bracelet

Black plaited leather bracelet with a Sterling silver clasp and a small pure silver charm makes a stylish accessory for any occasion.