Pure silver personalised fingerprint jewellery.



What is the jewellery made from?


All of our Fingerprint, Handprint, Footprint Pawprint and Artwork jewellery is made from Pure Silver. We use a material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC) which allows us to mould the jewellery to include your chosen design. When the clay is fired in the kiln at high temperatures all of the binding agents burn away, leaving 99.9% Pure Silver.  This can be hallmarked as 999 which is a purer form than Sterling Silver. Sterling Silver is 92.5% Pure Silver, combined with other alloys and metals. As Sterling Silver is harder than Pure Silver, we use this for chains, cufflink backs and links.


How do you take a fingerprint impression?


We will send you a kit to take your impression, containing an easy to use, non-toxic putty which sets in just a couple of minutes. You will also receive detailed instructions on how to take your impression. You won't believe how easy it is!  We'll send you enough putty for more than one print and will use the one with the most definition. You can even take an impression whilst your child is asleep, a great idea for active babies and toddlers!


How old must my child be for fingerprint jewellery?


There is no minimum age but newborn babies don't always have fully defined fingerprints. Occasionally, with very young babies, you may get an impression of their finger rather than a fingerprint, which makes a lovely keepsake in itself. If your baby is under 6 months old and their fingerprints are not fully developed, an impression of the other side of the finger showing a tiny fingernail, also makes a charming and truly original piece of jewellery.


How do you take a hand, foot or pawprint?


It's easy and no mess!  We send you an ink free kit to take your print,  a technology used in the USA to identify newborn babies, so completely safe to use. You will receive an ink free wipe and a piece of sensitised paper. All you need to do is wipe the hand, foot or paw with the ink free wipe and make an imprint on the paper, which will then develop the print.  Wash with soap and water and either post or email a copy back to us.  We will then use editing software to resize the print and make a stamp from this to use during the jewellery making process. If you would like us to send you the stamp to use afterwards at home for card making, etc., just let us know when ordering.


How do you transfer drawings or handwriting into jewellery?


You just need to email us a copy of your drawing, writing or artwork (any size is fine) and we will manipulate this with editing software to produce the best quality copy, and correct size, for your chosen design. From this we produce a stamp that we use to imprint into the Precious Metal Clay to create your jewellery. For best results drawings should ideally be a simple outline and handwriting should be in a dark coloured pen or pencil.


How long will my jewellery take?


Once we have received your impressions, we will then transform them into Pure Silver. Your finished jewellery should be dispatched within 14 days. If your item is being hallmarked, another week may be required to complete the process. If you have a specific date that you need your jewellery returned by, please let us know when you order and we will try to accommodate your request.


How do I look after my jewellery?


All silver jewellery tarnishes over time, although Pure Silver less than Sterling; we would recommend you use a  soft cloth and good quality silver polish to restore the lustre of your jewellery. Contact with hairspray, perfume, soaps, etc., can make jewellery tarnish more quickly and we would recommend that you remove jewellery before using these products. 


Postage and packaging


We charge £6.95 as a flat rate for postage. This covers sending out your impression kit, in which will be a pre-paid envelop for return. Your finished items will be returned by Royal Mail Special Delivery, a traceable and insured postal service. Cufflinks and pendants will be gift boxed; charms will be presented in a jewellery gift bag.


Returns and refund policy


We are sure that you will love your finished jewellery and each item is commissioned and made personally for you. As a small company we can, therefore, only refund faulty or incorrectly named items. We hope you understand. If you have any queries or need to return any item to us, please contact using the contact link here or at the top of the page.