Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint Jewellery

Fingerprint Jewellery


We can create a bespoke, personalised piece of jewellery using Pure Silver, just for you. A moment in time captured forever in a keepsake, something to be treasured for years to come. Fingerprint jewellery makes a really special gift, perfect for any occasion.

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Pure Silver fingerprint cufflinks are available in a range of shapes and can be a single, simple stylish fingerprint on each, a fingerprint with a name or a fingerprint on one and a name on the other - you choose!


Capture a loved one's fingeprint in pure, solid silver with a fingerprint charm. A moment in time stored forever.


Beautiful Freshwater Pearl bracelet with a pure silver charm, makes a stunning accessory.



Black plaited leather bracelet with a Sterling silver clasp and a small pure silver charm makes a stylish accessory for any occasion.


Large Sterling silver lobster clasp keyring with a personalised keyfob of your choice, created in pure silver.