Pawprint Jewellery

Pawprint Jewellery

Pawprint Jewellery


This really does make a unique gift for a true pet lover. We will miniaturise and set your favourite cat or dog's paw prints into pure silver, to make you a very special piece of jewellery to treasure for years to come.  Charms, Cufflinks, Keyrings and Bracelets are all available with paw prints. A furry member of the family, forever in silver. Names can be added to the front or reverse of the print.

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Your treasured furry friend's paw print miniaturised and set in Pure Silver to keep forever.


Pure Silver Cufflinks with actual miniaturised paw prints of a beloved pet.


Beautiful Freshwater Pearl bracelet with a pure silver charm, makes a stunning accessory.



Black plaited leather bracelet with a Sterling silver clasp and a small pure silver charm makes a stylish accessory for any occasion.


Large Sterling silver lobster clasp keyring with a personalised keyfob of your choice, created in pure silver.