Vintage Stamps

Vintage Stamps

Real postage stamps are such beautiful miniature works of art in their own right, that we think they should be out in the light being admired by everyone, not hidden away in a dark drawer or languishing hidden in an album. A real piece of postal history. What's not to love?!

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Vintage Stamp Cufflinks

Genuine vintage postage stamps set into cufflinks. The perfect gift for the man who has everything!


Vintage Stamp Keyring

Leather Keyfob set with a real vintage stamp - choose from our most requested designs, or you may have a topic or year that would make a perfect gift, so please ask!


Vintage Stamp Postcode

Your Postcode made entirely from real vintage postage stamps!


Vintage Stamp Date

Perfect for a birthday or anniversary. A date made entirely from real vintage stamps from the year selected. 

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Vintage Stamp Artwork

Bespoke and unique postage stamp art, created from real vintage postage stamps! Commissions also undertaken.

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Vintage Stamp Coaster

These elegant square glass drinks coasters set with real vintage stamps will provide a real talking point in any home. 



Stamp Maps

Countries and maps handmade using real vintage stamps from the chosen country. Really unique, every piece is different!

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Set of 3 Postage Stamp Bookmarks

Great little gifts, this is a set of 3 metal bookmarks each set with a real postage stamp.



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Stamp Handbag Hooks

Keep bags clean, safely in sight and off the floor with a real vintage postage stamp handbag hook. 

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Vintage Comic Cufflinks

These real vintage comics have been made into fun, unique cufflinks.  Who is your favourite comic character?! 

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Real Comic Keyring

We have used real old comics to make these fun keyring, practical leather design. Choose from your favourite comic characters.

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Made with your Photos

Personalised with your own photos!

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Simply Framed

We believe there is a stamp for everyone!  Classic framed mint condition stamps, great decorative talking pieces.

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