Peter Rabbit Vintage Stamp Keyring

(StampType: UK. Peter Rabbit (1979))

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This is a really unique gift item with a keyring set with an original 1979 Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit postage stamp. The keyring is presented in a metal sliding tin with information about this stamp including the country and year of issue, plus details about the actual stamp image and a full stamp. The tins are all  lined with different pages from Beatrix Potter books. As no two stamps will ever be exactly the same, postmarks will vary.  Would make an ideal gift and of course Peter Rabbit appeal to all age groups!

The keyring is made of a hardwearing black leather and the stamps are covered with a crystal clear resin dome that magnifies and protects the image, making them durable and scratchproof.


Product variations
UK. World Cup (1966)
StampType: UK. World Cup (1966)
UK. Peter Rabbit (1979)
StampType: UK. Peter Rabbit (1979)
UK. Rugby (1971)
StampType: UK. Rugby (1971)
UK, Cricket (1973)
StampType: UK, Cricket (1973)
UK. Gipsy Moth (1967)
StampType: UK. Gipsy Moth (1967)
UK. Star Wars (2015/17)
StampType: UK. Star Wars (2015/17)


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Peter Rabbit Stamp Handbag Hook Peter Rabbit Stamp Handbag Hook
(Stamp: Peter Rabbit)
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