Football Vintage Stamp Keyring

(StampType: UK. World Cup (1966))

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This is a really unique gift item with a keyring set with an original 1966 UK World Cup football postage stamp, depicting two players kicking a ball This was the last time that England won the football World Cup! The keyring is presented in a sliding metal tin, with information about this stamp including the country and year of issue, plus details about the actual stamp image and a full stamp. The stamp used in the keyring is mint condition (does not have a postmark as never been through the postal system).  Would make an ideal gift for someone who loves football!

The keyring is made of a hardwearing black leather and the stamps are covered with a crystal clear resin dome that magnifies and protects the image, making them durable and scratchproof.

Product variations
UK. World Cup (1966)
StampType: UK. World Cup (1966)
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