Rugby Vintage Stamp Keyring

(StampType: UK. Rugby (1971))

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A genuine British rugby stamp from 1971, set in a leather keyfob. This stamp was issued to celebrate 100 years of rugby football. These are a really original gift idea for the rugby fan and sports enthusiasts and are unique handmade items.  The keyring is presented in a sliding metal tin, with information about this stamp including the country and year of issue and another whole stamp. It is all ready to give as a unique present.

The stamps used inside the keyring itself will be mint condition with no postmark  The keyring is made of a hard wearing black leather and the stamps are covered with a crystal clear resin dome that magnifies and protects the image, making them durable and scratch proof.


Product variations
UK. World Cup (1966)
StampType: UK. World Cup (1966)
UK. Peter Rabbit (1979)
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UK. Rugby (1971)
StampType: UK. Rugby (1971)
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UK. Gipsy Moth (1967)
StampType: UK. Gipsy Moth (1967)
UK. Star Wars (2015/17)
StampType: UK. Star Wars (2015/17)


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Vintage Stamp Cufflinks (Rugby) Vintage Stamp Cufflinks (Rugby)
(StampType: Rugby (UK, 1971))
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